Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association

22nd Annual


September 23, 2018

8:00 a.m.

City Park- Denver

Dashin' for Ashton - Captain: Madison Scheppers

You could not, would not want to miss,

A walk as important and fun as this.

This walk is fun, and fun is good.

So, come and walk with us, you should.

Just what is this walk about?

Well, keep on reading. You’ll find out.


This walk is great, this team is fun,

Hi, my name is Madison

I’m Madison and it so happens

I’m the big sis and team captain

As junior captain, it may seem

that Owen helps me lead this team.


This team has all the best blue fashion

We call ourselves “Dashin’ for Ashton”


Now the question you’re probably askin’…

who is this young man they call Ashton?

Well, Ashton is our sweet, sweet brother

and while he’s much like any other,

Inside he has a little more,

but hey, who’s really keeping score


See, Ashton, he has Down syndrome

Which is a condition that is known,

by an extra chromosome.

The extra one that’s immersed

Is of course the twenty first.



They’re here and there

Chromosomes are everywhere

Chromosomes are lots of fun,

With an extra 21


Chromosomes, they hold the key,

to what makes you… you, and makes me… me.

Now if you count them, you will see, we all have pairs of 23.

23 from our mom, 23 from our dad, which equals 46 (just simply add).


When the copies of 21, equal 3

Down syndrome is guaranteed.

This diagnosis is rarely desired

If it’s misinformation we’ve acquired


See, with this extra chromosome,

  Comes slanted eyes, low tone,

and delays in reaching milestones.

Often there are medical needs,

As well as different processing speeds.


There are challenges, yes, it’s true

But challenges come whatever we do

Remember, great things can come from challenges too.


Learning new things may take Ashton longer,

But as he persists, he gets smarter and stronger

… and to be on this journey with him is an honor


Just get to know him and you’ll see

that Ashton’s more like you and me

than he is really different,

and I want his life to be well spent

Like any other human being,

His life has value and has meaning

See a person’s a person, no matter how small,

a person’s a person, extra chromosome and all.


But, “unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot.

 Nothing is going to get better. It’s not”


So, we walk because it’s lots of fun

Lots of fun for everyone.


We walk to challenge misinformation

And break the barriers of limitations


We walk to raise funds for R-M-D-S-A,

In Colorado is where all the money will stay,

To help families like ours, come what may


We walk to support this great organization,

Dedicated to the Down syndrome population,

With resources, connections, support and information

To families with “a little extra” at this elevation.


If you can’t make it to the walk, because you’ll be on vacation,

Or maybe you’ll be bathing your Dalmatian,

or praying for our nation, or learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation,

… or, maybe you just want to avoid the aggregation,

Would you, could you, help us out by making a donation?

(If you want to know where your money goes, check it all out down below)


Thank you so much!

Love Your Team Captain,







What does RMDSA do?? (Where does your money go?)

  • New Parent Packets/Sofia’s Closet- info, support, resources & a gift to families w/ a new Down syndrome diagnosis.
  • Meal vouchers- to help offset the hardship of being in the hospital for 48 hrs+ with a child w/ Down syndrome
  • Educational Services?
    • Get Down Group- for self-advocates 16 yrs+?
    • Higher Visions for Education- A life skills class for adults w/ Down syndrome Medical
  • Outreach- information and training events with hospital staff on delivering a Ds diagnosis
  • Parents & Schools in Partnership
  • Community Groups


Team Goal

Team Donors
Mike and Debbie Dungan
Kathy Gagliardi
Carol Berkenbaugh
Pediatric Dental Group of Colorado
Mike Thering
Jeanine Lucas
Vanek Family
Incentive #2
Mia & Avery
The Steinbrunners
Team Eisenbraun
The Ewert Family
The Kohlers
Linda Hagen
Mark and linda
Dan & Diane Leister
Jane Thering
Chris & Corey
The Cathers Family
Mary Scheppers
Ron and Teresa Hagen
Tiffany Sharpe
Rick and Lorie
Chris Cook
Randall and Barb
Raji Weerasinghe
Cella & Lilly Roberts
Gene & Barb Schaefer
Selena Efting
The Eisenbraun's
Team Registrants
Kathy Gagliardi
Hudson Hopkins
Carol Berkenbaugh
Trinity Cathers
Kayla Byrnes
Jade Wood
Aniela St. Peter
Kristin Hoover
Julee Lillard
Kim Hopkins
Ashton Scheppers
Jacob Hoover
Jonah Rupe
Lindsey Steinbacher
Emma James
Dan Scheppers
Will Cathers
Mia Arts
Bodhi Hoover
Ben Arts
Avery Arts
Justine Gonzalez
Renae Steinbacher
Corinna Montesano
Mike Scheppers
Linda Madrid-Thering
Kristen Scheppers
Denise Hulstrom
Kim Pirner
Stephanie Cathers
Sean Roche
Abe Varela
Mark Thering
Wyatt Roche
George Steinbacher
Michael McAteer
Mary Scheppers
Jared Hoover
Bailey Settle
Andrea Del Valle-Arts
John Cathers
Tawnia Clement
Justin Cathers
Erin Rupe
Adalene Gagliardi
Madison Scheppers
Avery Cathers
Ruby Gagliardi
Leah Roche
Lydia Roche
Owen Scheppers
Jonathan Settle