Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association

22nd Annual


September 23, 2018

8:00 a.m.

City Park- Denver

Em's Gems - Captain: Krista Parrott

Come join our team, Em’s Gems, for the 22nd Annual Step Up for Down Syndrome walk around City Park on September 23, 2018 at 8:00 am. Registration is $28 for adults and $15 for children (as long as you register before September 9). Register at

Your registration fee gets you:

  • A tee-shirt
  • Continental breakfast
  • Games
  • Face painting
  • Live band
  • And more

But more importantly, your registration fee supports the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association (“RMDSA”). RMDSA provides all kinds of support for individuals with Down syndrome and their families. For our family, RMDSA has been an immeasurable blessing, providing resources such as:

  1. A “first call” volunteer who came to our house to meet with us when we first received Emery’s diagnosis.
  2. A resource packet filled with books, pamphlets, and tons of other useful information about Down syndrome.
  3. Community groups where we can meet socially with other families in the Down syndrome community, share strategies and success stories, laugh and cry together.
  4. Speakers on any number of topics, from therapy strategies to estate planning and more.

We encourage you to learn more about RMDSA, and the many programs and resources they offer, at their website: or on their Facebook page at

RMDSA is extremely responsible with their finances, with 82% of total expenditures going directly to their programs. By keeping their overhead low, RMDSA is able to maximize the value and impact of the funds they raise.

We will also have some snacks and a few other fun surprises at our team tent.

If you can’t make it, you can register as a “virtual walker” or even make a donation on Emery’s behalf, if you are so inclined, at

Thank you all for supporting Emery and this wonderful organization.

Team Goal

Team Registrants
Peggy Parrott
Sutton Walter
Nolan Parrott
Brett Henning
Creighton Marshall
Taylor Green
Melynda Marshall
Ellie Weeber
Nicole Walter
Dorothy Campbell
Kristen Dixon
Phil Parrott
Porter Walter
Krista Parrott
Thomas Parrott
Kathleen Allen
Patrick Davis
Brooks Henning
Ed Korbel
Dick Campbell
Ryan Walter
Amy Hansen
Jack Genadek
Shannon Allen
Greg Walter
Claire Weeber
Ana Linares
September Udemans
Linda Korbel
Phillip Parrott
Emery Parrott
Stacia Walter
Nara Davis
Stephanie Weeber
Hana Davis
Natalie Allen
David Dixon
Benjamin Parrott
Jonathan Allen
Matt Weeber
Lindsay Genadek
Eric Hansen
Bobby Walter
Helen Davis
Margaret Pflueger
Team Donors
Delphine Carlile
The Perea Johnson Family
Emery’s buddy, Teddy
Paul Katz
Melynda Marshall
Trish & Kevin Ray
Pam Jeffords
Carole Jackson
Love, Uncles T&T
Bruce Rohde
Danette Martin
Caleb & Stephanie Herbst
Ed & Linda Korbel
Dick and Dorothy Campbell
Michelle Aubin
Austin & Genadek Family
Bill Brittan
Jennifer Shin
Marty Parrott
Kyla Kaltenbach
Greg & Stacia
Graeme Bolin
Ana Linares
September Udemans
Rob Ridge
Christie Moran
Kevin McAtee
Char peterson
Ben and Krista Parrott
Angela Latorre
Neely Surmeier
Eric and Amy Hansen
Pam & Doug Korbel
Rebecca Brown
Kendall Lindenbaum
Helen Davis
The Pflueger Family