Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association

22nd Annual


September 23, 2018

8:00 a.m.

City Park- Denver

Pruitt's Pack - Captain: Karissa McCoy

Join us for a fun-filled day benefiting a great cause and to support our little Pruitt! Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association (RMDSA) needs our help to promote acceptance of all people with Down syndrome and raise much needed funds for their vital programs.

When we first received Pruitt's diagnosis of Down syndrome, RMDSA was there to provide support, resources, encouragement and hope. Help us give back to an organization that helped us through a difficult time and continues to provide valuable resources for Pruitt.

Can't make it to the walk? Register as a virtual walker!

For more information about RMDSA, go to

Team Registrants
Mason Flanigan
Tony Gallero
Eddie Dieker
Baylor Dieker
Katelin Sanders
David Heasley
Geoff McCoy
Selina Gallero
Jim Flanigan
Patti Kornmann
Kathryn Walker
Nicolas Geman
Kady Dieker
Vicki McCoy
Brayden McCoy
Hattie Heasley
Chrissy Bangs
Michelle Mccoy
Lindy Busbee
Gianna Zelletti
Gary McCoy
Abby Heasley
Andreya Flanigan
Shelby Heller
Leslie Eckert
Eric Bangs
Karissa McCoy
Jen Hollingshead
Sarah Branion
Wyatt Ball
Dominic Flanigan
Wyatt Dieker
Harper Flanigan
Sheri Heasley
Team Goal

Team Donors
Chavez Family
Balty Quintana Family
The Englers
Place-Brownlow Family
Tony & Selina
The Melrose family
Kelly Campman
Fred & Andrea
DeKay Family
The Karvonen’s
The Busbee’s
Roush Family
Quintana Grants
Leslie Eckert
The Picciolos
Sandi McKeag
Aaron and Dian Gallero
Jo Anne Allen
Gary and Betty Wiley
The Coopers
Ball Family
Larry & JoAnn Quintana
Lyndsay Jones
Peter & Kaye