Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association

22nd Annual


September 23, 2018

8:00 a.m.

City Park- Denver

Queen's Team - Captain: Elizabeth Walter

I'm a little late this year launching my team due to my fabulous vacation with my family to Florida and St. Kitts and the start of 5th grade, but, we are ready to go and I can't wait to have all of you join me for a fun-filled day benefiting the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association (RMDSA) again this year!  As you all know, I've been one of the top fundraisers every year and I'm hoping to beat my goal again this year and be number one thanks to my amazingly generous family and friends like you who join my team year after year! 

Can you believe I'm in 5th grade this year?  I continue to love school and all my friends!  I'm still participating in theater, Jiu Jitsu and this year at school, I'll play an instrument in music, I can't wait! 

RMDSA continues to do spectacular work in the entire region (Colorado and Wyoming) in support of families like mine who walk through this crazy, fun, challenging journey of having an extra chromosome!  My mom is still on the board, but this year, she went from the Board Treasurer role to the Development Chair role - will you help her role model great fundraising but joining my team and donating? 

I would LOVE to have you come to Denver next month and join us!  But, if you can't make it to the walk, register as a virtual walker! 

Lots of Love! 

Elizabeth, The Queen

My Goal

My Donors
Mike and Dana Knowles
Carol Pfeiffer
Cornerstone Pediatric Dentistry
Patron Family
The Lloyd Family
Nicole McDonald
Sarah and Clay Jones
Anna's Awesome Lemonade Stand
Dana Harris
Tom and Cathy Allen
The Wolfords
Martinez Family
The Queen's Tribe
Judy Barron
Ron and Joyce St.Pierre
The Derrers
Ed & Tine Reese
Layous Family
The Polands
Scott Beier
Lauren Shirley
Julie Klein
James Holland
Erik Lynn
Corey and Cathy
Morrie Newell
Mike Magluilo
The Grossman Family
Grandma Nancy
Alfredo Jimenez
Baby Stitches
Hosburgh Family
Crash Dummy
Catherine Hogan
Jackie, Justin, and Rowan Dixon
Leslie McIntosh
Scott Spangler
Keith and Lorrie Johnson
Pallone Family
Holly Kuznicki
The Anjulicia Foundation
Rebecca Shipley
Fitzgerald Family
Molly McCoy
Karen Siebring
The Topp Family
The Deutsch Family
The Coffey Family
Trent and Laura Tormoehlen
The Masters Family
The Maloney Family
Pamela Jones
Jenny Bush and her clan
Katharine & Elton Sherwin
Mya Servold
The Carter Family
Baba and Grandpa
Marge Fisher
Team Baldwin
Fred Hipp
Remy Kronberg
Dave Dickey
Rob and Kathy Jones
Jung Park
Donna and Jim Zocco
Darren & Michelle
Laurie & Peter
Cyndi Weber
Sarah B. Linn
The Nashville Raymonds!
The Shepherds
The Probst Family
Bob Howey
Michael Scholl
Kim Fier
Holly Hartley
CK family
Deborah Finke
David Adams
Bethany Hanson
Julie Priest
Michael Hesser
Chad Trager
Buena Vista Mountain Adventures
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Mike and Kristi Smith
Jones fam
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Jay Dowd
Caleb Hanson
Katie Jones
Dustin Johnson
Alyssa Alderman
Stacey Roberts
Lily Neff
Elizabeth Walter
Ben Stites
Julianah Garcia
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Lauren Shirley
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Theresa Kegerreis
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