Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association

22nd Annual


September 23, 2018

8:00 a.m.

City Park- Denver

Sophia's 'Soul'diers - Captain: Anna Hoenmans

Sophia's Story...

Before Baby Girl was born, Scott and I found out that our baby would be born with Down Syndrome (DS).  At  first we were shocked, scared and full of questions.  We reached out to Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association (RMDSA) and they provided the information and support we needed to be better prepared as parents of a child with DS.  Sophia was born 5 weeks premature, she was beautiful and it was love at first sight.  On top of that she was born on the fourth of July <cue fireworks>. She is truly our firecracker and Miss Independent!  In her first 7 months of life, she was on course like her two older brothers...learning to roll, holding her head high, smiling and chattering up a storm.  By the time she reached 8 months, Sophia had spent almost two weeks in Pediatrics ICU at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado.  She would stay in the PICU for two and half months and later be transferred to a regular hospital room for another 3 ½ months.  During these days at the hospital, Sophia had demonstrated her strong will to live and her great strength to fight all the challenges in front of her.  She is a warrior and a fighting spirit.  Since her hospital discharge she has been thriving. 


This would be Sophia's seventh year participating in the Step Up For Down Syndrome Walk fundraising event.  Also this walk is extra special because it also commemorates our oldest son's kidney transplant.  Phillip received his new kidney on the day of the 2014 Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk and this event is to celebrate Sophia's and Phillip's life and support a great cause!!


Both Phillip and Sophia are doing well, both healthy and happy!!!  This year Sophia will be in 3rd grade and just recently started walking on her own - a "look Ma no hands" major milestone!!! Last year's walk she cruised with her gait trainer and this year she will show all her hard work and progress on walking on her own two feet across the finish line!!  Can't wait!!  Please join us and cheer her on!!!


7-8am:  Registration and Breakfast (At our Tent will have donuts, bagels, fruit, snacks, water and juice)

8:48am :  Team Photo - Desert Storm Camo this year!  Think Vegas Golden Knights (hockey) colors!!  

9:00 ish:  Let's walk!!! 2 mile loop around the park

10:37ish:  CHEER SOPHIA at the finish line

11:00ish:  Enjoy H2Q BBQ lunch - pulled pork, brisket, smoked mac and cheese and other fixins





Team Goal

Team Donors
Christine & Steve Whatley
In Loving Memory of Atticus Kernstock
Myers Family
Morrison Family
adrian garcia
Tricia Lawler
Jesse Castanon
L&O Viloria
Bev Hiller
Ed & Sandy Stehouwer
Haruko Hashimoto
Grayson Roecker
Victoria Bautista
Michelle McGinn
St Pierre Family
Paul Pabello
Francisco Family
Justin & Veronica
McDonnell Family
The Slovensky Family
Kent &Jill Roecker
Nurse Jen
Cor Family
Jana Cor
Kelly Kmit
Chris Gaul
Carolyn Chen
Robert W. Enzenauer
Shia Ramirez-Hilton
One of Sophia's biggest fans!!!
MaKayla Kovac
Fatima Friend
Deb Crider
Charles Couch
Jamie McGrew
Suzy Belmont
Shames & Kathy Stevens
George and Heather
Franklin K Chan
Cheryl Dornak
Jess Montano
Pat Hoenmans & Family
Carol Adamson-Jones
Ev & Beth Schafer
Team Registrants
Andrew Hoenmans
David Clark
Charlie Morrison
Ric Ondrusek
Gavin Chen
Ruth Ondrusek
Sigrid Weston-Clark
Lyndon Chen
Audrey Cox
Abigail Swartz
Elena Hoenmans
Sarah Murphy
Melissa Hoenmans
Lolita Guevarra
Karen Morrison
Terry Hoenmans
Tricia Lawler
Nancy Calderon
Erin Bradshaw
Wolf Montano
Sandy Stehouwer
Linda Viloria
Adolf Franiok
Ed Stehouwer
Wes Trujillo
Orlando Viloria
Karri Bottom
Shames Stevens
Madeline Kimbrell
Scott Hoenmans
Stacey McCarthy
Patty Goodman-Holdridge
Zach McDaniel
Victoria Bautista
Elisa Cheung
Doug Swartz
Zi Murphy
Hannah Cheung
Heather Lamken
Devin McNearny
Colette Cox
Mike McDonnell
Phoenix Montano
Brian Cox
Jim Ball
Lew Colgan
Zahavi McMichael
Ellie Kernstock
Tim Hoenmans
Georgina Franiok
Michael Hoenmans
Wayne Bottom
Michael Sandusky
Jen Drew
Mary Ann Hoenmans
William Cor
Phillip Hoenmans
Carla McNearny
Jennifer Hill
Myles Cheung
Carolyn Chen
Sophia Hoenmans
Emmerich Hoenmans
Lucas Chen
David Person
Lisa Kenny
Tiffany Moeder
Jimmy Cheung
Luke Cox
Troy McCuskey
Ashley Bottom
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MaKayla Kovac
Melinda Stroup
Paul Hoenmans
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Marlene Kenny
Deb Crider
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Christian Swartz
Lisa Hudson
Heather Schovanec
Patty Petrozelli
Sadie Morrison
Ann Sullivan
Ashley Kernstock
Deidra Aiken
Kathy Stevens
Sam Kernstock
Robert Enzenauer
Jackie Swartz
Sylvia Trujillo
Paige Bottom
Greg Hoenmans
Conrad Hoenmans
Anna Hoenmans
Cheryl Dornak
Kevin McNearny
Grayson Roecker
Shia Ramirez-Hilton
Josh Lamken
Taylor Sandusky
Matt McMichael
Craig Morrison
Beth Schafer
Brian Kernstock
Daylin Gray